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Divorce and Family Law

My goal as your advocate is to resolve your case as quickly as possible with minimal emotional and financial stress. In the initial strategy session, we will discuss the following:

  • How will the separation and subsequent proceedings affect my finances?

  • How will the divorce affect how we divide our assets, including our home, investments, or other valuables? How can I best protect my assets during the divorce process?

  • How will we determine the value of retirement accounts and other expected future income?

  • What are the expected legal fees, and how can we attempt to mitigate costs during the divorce process?

  • How does a family court determine custody, visitation rights, and what should I do to secure my parental rights during a separation? How can I best protect my children during the process, and what mistakes should I avoid that might jeopardize my custody rights?

  • Can we mediate the process and reach a settlement that avoids costly and difficult litigation?

In addition, if you or your spouse is a current or retired member of the military, we will discuss:

  • Am I entitled to military retirement benefits that my spouse accrued while we were married? How do we calculate my share of the benefits if we were not married during the entirety of my spouse‚Äôs service?

  • How does the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act affect divorce proceedings?

  • What are the special custody concerns involved with military divorces?

  • Am I entitled to TRICARE and DOD base privileges following a divorce?

I will walk you through each of these issues and any other concerns you may have in your free strategy session. Call my office at (803) 386-7117 or email me at to schedule an appointment today.